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How it works

DejaVu imports Word files by first exporting them to the RTF format. This causes quite some problems, as RTF files can be much larger then corresponding Word documents. This usually happens when there are pictures or objects embedded in the Word document. That causes DejaVu project (DVF file) to be extremely big (400 megabytes for 100-page Word document is not an unlikely scenario).

Compressing Word Filter integrates with DejaVu import process. After DejaVu exports Word file to RTF format, Compressing Word Filter opens resulting RTF file and compresses all pictures and included objects. Only after that DejaVu resumes ordinary process and imports resulting RTF file. Because size of compressed RTF file is comparable to the size of Word document it resulted from, DejaVu project will not inflate and will stay manageable.

Compressing Word Filter also integrates with DejaVu export process. After DejaVu exports RTF file, Compressing Word Filter opens it and expands all pictures and objects back to the original state. RTF file is then opened in Word and converted into Word document format.

Because Compressing Word Filter is smart, it will not cause any incompatibilities. Decompression doesn't interfere with uncompressed files. That allows you to open existing DejaVu projects and export files from them without a problem.


Very simple - download installation program and run it. It will find DejaVu folder, make a backup copy of import/export templates and and install new files. After that, Compressing Word Filter will start automatically every time you will import or export Word files.

Removing Compressing Word Filter

Removal of Compressing Word Filter is not yet automatic. You have to do it yourself in few easy steps.

  1. Locate DejaVu folder (typically C:\Program Files\DejaVu).
  2. Delete files,, and RTFWordComp.dll.
  3. Rename file to
  4. Rename file to

Before you remove Compressing Word Filter, export all DejaVu projects that were created with Compressing Word Filter installed or you may loose some pictures and objects.


Last update: 2009-12-15