GpTimezone 17.slon
Version 1.22
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Library of timezone-related functions.

GpTimezone requires ESBDates to compile. ESBDates is free and can be downloaded from the ESB Consultancy web site.

Although GpTimezone is part of ESBDates library, official web page for GpTimezone is here and version available on this page is always the current one. GpTimezone in ESBDates may be older (then again it may be not - check for yourself).

Released under the BSD License.

An article on this unit was published in The Delphi Magazine Issue 65 (January 2001) and is available online.


Last modifications

1.22: 2008-02-27

  • Implemented DateLT, DateLE, DateGT, DateGE.

1.21b: 2004-11-05

  • Modified UTCTo[TZ]LocalTime/[TZ]LocalTimeToUTC functions to automatically execute FixDT on the result.

Test program screenshot

GpTimezone demo application

Last update: 2010-12-25