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Compressing Word Filter is add-on Word import/export filter for DejaVu. It creates smaller DVF files (even 10 or 20 times smaller!) by compressing and decompressing pictures and object on the fly. It is fully compatible with DejaVu and with existing Word DVF projects.

Compressing Word Filter is compatible with DejaVu 2. It will not work with DejaVu 3. You can, however, install both DejaVu 2 and 3, then use DejaVu 2 for importing and exporting and DejaVu 3 for real work.


  • Seamless integration
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Great space savings
  • Fully compatible with DejaVu 2
  • Fully compatible with existing DejaVu Word projects
  • Tested with Word 7/95, Word 97, and Word 2000 on Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

How it works

Compressing Word Filter does its magic by integrating with DejaVu Word import/export filter. (read more)


Couldn't be simpler. Just download installation program and run it. It will locate your DejaVu folder, make backup copy of changed files and install new filter. (read more)

Trial version

Trial version is available for download. It is not time limited but will only compress every third picture and will display registration reminder dialog after each imported file. Export (decompression) filter is fully functional in trial version.

Last update: 2009-12-15