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Unregistered version of GpBench/CD (the one that you can download from the Files section) is almost fully functional. It can run all the tests and display all the graphs. There are only two limitations:

  • Logging and exporting functions are disabled.
  • You are not allowed to publish results in any form, printed or on-line.

Besides removing those two limitations, registration provides you with fast support through e-mail and free life-time upgrades.

Registration is simple.

Connect to the ShareIt! registration service and fill out the order form. After ShareIt! validates the payment we'll send you a short registration program (44 KB) via e-mail so please be sure to enter a valid e-mail address when filling out the order form. This program will register GpBenchCD.exe with your name and enable all functions. 

Registration program will work with all future releases of GpBench/CD. When the next version arrives, you'll just have to download it from the Files section and re-run the registration program. Keep a backup of registration program in a safe place!

Alternatively, you can register via Register Now!

Last update: 2009-12-13