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2000-08-31: GpBench/CD 2.0 published on PC-Welt CD-ROM

  • GpBench/CD 2.0 was published on the PC-Welt 4/2001 accompanying CD-ROM.

2000-08-31: GpBench/CD 2.0 released

  • Added CPU load measurement.
  • Added chart customisation.
  • Solved various UI incompatibilities with Large Fonts.
  • Removed multilanguage support.

1999-08-09: GpBench/CD 1.0.2 released

  • Fixed program&documentation bug related to creation of test CD.
    Documentation stated that file with name 'GpBench/CD.DAT' should be created on the CD, which is clearly wrong, as file with such name cannot exist. In reality, program expected file to be called  CDBENCH32.DAT and disc to be labeled CDBENCH32.
    GpBench/CD 1.0.2 now looks for file GPBNCHCD.DAT on disc labeled GPBNCHCD.
  • Bug fixed: total time was displayed in AM/PM format if system locale was set to 12-hour format

1999-07-17: cdBench32 renamed to GpBench/CD

  • Due to copyright issues, cdBench32 was renamed to GpBench/CD. No other changes were done to the program.

1999-06-15: cdBench32 1.0

  • First official release
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