GpSharedEvents 17.slon
Version 1.03
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Distributed multicast event manager - object and component wrapper.

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GpSharedEvents is component set that enables multiple programs running on the same computer to send events to each other. Events can be sent to multiple receipients with one call.

Released under the BSD License.


Last modifications

1.03: 2006-04-05

  • Don't activate producer in SetNamespace if it was not previously active.

1.02: 2003-07-28

  • Made some more string parameters 'const'.
  • 'Data' parameter in BroadcastEvent and SendEvent is now optional (defaults to empty string).
  • Added TGpSharedEventProducer property ProducerHandle and TGpSharedEventListener property ListenerHandle.
  • Fixed runtime error occuring in special conditions.
  • Event manager now works from non-interactive service running under system account.
Last update: 2010-12-25