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Small and swift!

WinTabs is distributed as a single file. Just download and run it and it will install itself. WinTabs is small - just 279 KB. Even when installed it won't clutter your disk but will stay in one file. And it is easy to uninstall, either from Control Panel or from the program itself. Uninstallation is complete and can in no way harm other programs (see the Documentation page for more details).

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Download locations for WinTabs 2.09

  • Standard installation (exe - 279 KB)
  • Compressed installation (zip - 270 KB)

Download locations for WordTabs 1.0.1

  • Complete sources (zip - 216 KB)

Application description

  • Portable Application Description (xml - 9 KB)
  • Portable Application Description (html - 3 KB)
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