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Adding support for new programs

People are asking me if I can add support for this and that program. In most cases the answer is yes (and that, if you wonder, is how I implement most new programs nowadays - everything I own is already covered). In most cases, this process is extremely simple and involves five-minute work on your side and ten-minute on mine.

What I can do and what I can't?

  • I can always implement support for programs that spawn new instance for each document (Internet Explorer, Notepad, Maruo, Word 2000…).
  • I can in most cases implement support for programs that are using standard Multiple Document Interface (MDI), that is, programs that open many document windows inside one main window (Opera, AutoCAD 2000, Visio, pre-97 Word and Excel…).
  • I can in most cases implement support for programs that produce child windows, which are not part of the main program window (Outlook, Outlook Express, DejaVu…).
  • I can sometimes implement support for programs via automation interface (Word 97, Excel 97).
  • For very old (and non-MDI) programs I can sometimes implement support with simulation of menu clicking (Word 2, 6, and Excel 4, 5 are supported in that way).
  • I cannot (yet) provide support for some new Microsoft programs (FrontPage 2000) and for Opera 7.

Your part

If you want me to add a new program, follow few simple steps:

  • Download WindowDump.exe (26 KB) and save it to some folder.
  • Close as many programs as possible to reduce log file that you will produce in next steps.
  • Run the program you need support for.
  • Open three documents.
  • Run WindowDump. It will create a file called WindowDump.txt (in the same folder as WindowDump.exe is). Send it to me.
  • That's all.

My part

After receiving your mail with WindowDump.txt I'll quickly evaluate the possibility of implementing WinTabs support for your program. In most cases I'll create a beta-test version of WinTabs, upload it to my web site and send you the link so you can test if support is working flawlessly. If there will be no problems, I'll officially announce support for new program on my web pages.

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