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Unregistered version limitations

Acrobat Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, Borland Image Editor, C++Builder, Cetus CNotePad, Cetus CWordPad, Delphi, EmEditor, Eudora, Explorer, Forte Agent, gvim, Internet Surfer, K-Meleon, Lotus WordPro, Metapad, Micrografx Draw, Microsoft Project, Microsoft VBA Editor, Notepad,, Opera, Outlook Express, Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Pegasus Mail, PMMail 98, Putty, RegEdit32, Sun StarOffice, TextPad, Word, WordPad, WordPerfect, and Ziff-Davis Media PC Benchmark Results Viewer plugins are fully functional in unregistered version.

Acrobat, AOL Press, AutoCAD, Axialis Icons, Capture Professional, Cool3D, CorelDRAW, DejaVu, Drag And File Gold, Excel, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, FrontPage 98, FrontPage Express, Internet Explorer, Lotus Approach Millenium Edition, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Maruo, Mathcad, Microangelo 98, Microsoft Photo Editor, Netscape Navigator, NoteBook, NoteWorthy Composer, Outlook, PageMaker, PHOTO-PAINT, PhotoShop, PowerPoint, RISA-2d, Siemens STEP7, SmartDraw, TurboCAD Professional, Visio, and Visual C++ plugins have only limited functionality. Only two or three documents (depending on plugin) will be shown on the toolbar.

To fully enable these plugins, you have to register WinTabs. See Registration page for more details.

Complete list of supported programs is available on the Documentation page.

More than one Word 97

Due to the limitations of Microsoft's COM technology WinTabs cannot function correctly if more than one copy of Word 97 is running. In such a case, WinTabs will temporarily disable Word 97 plugin.

More than one Excel 97

Due to the same limitations, WinTabs cannot function correctly if more than one copy of Excel 97 is running. In such a case, WinTabs will temporarily disable Excel 97 plugin. If, however, in each Excel window only one workbook is opened, WinTabs will continue to manage Excel windows with Excel 2000 plugin.

Limited to 9 documents in Word 2, 6, 7, and Excel 4, 5, 7

Due to the limitations in old Word/Excel support, WinTabs can display only first nine documents.

Documents with equal names in Word/Excel 97 (and older)

Due to the limitation of Word/Excel automation model, WinTabs doesn't function correctly when two (or more) documents have same name. This limitation does not apply to Word/Excel 2000.

Mixing Office 97 and 2000

WinTabs can handle Excel 97 and 2000 running at the same time if only one workbook is opened in Excel 97 window. If that is not the case, both Excel plugins will be temporarily disabled.

WinTabs cannot handle Word 97 and 2000 running at the same time. In such case, both Word plugins will be temporarily disabled.

Last update: 2009-12-13