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Press reviews

  • PC World Online, August 30, 1999

    "If keeping your PC desktop tidy is a high priority, you'll appreciate the logical simplicity of WinTabs."
    - Lenny Bailes

Awards and recognitions

4 stars "Four stars" on ZDNet Software Library
v.g. "Very Good" on SoftwareTyme
Jumbo "Program of the day" on Jumbo!
myfolder "4.5 pick" on myfolder


User comments

  • I downloaded WinTabs and registered it immediately. Thanks for a great little add on that should have been original with Windows from the start. 
    You know, for some it's computer games; others really get into surfing the web; still others are into the fastest latest hardware. But what I get excited about is anything that helps me more productive with the basic tools I already have. WinTabs is the perfect example.
    -Scott Mather
  • I'm an inveterate diddler with software. Something new comes along, I'll check it out. But at the moment I have no intention of using anything other than Forté Agent for news, Eudora for mail (Light 3.0.5 with various plug-ins and a bit of home-grown re-engineering), and Opera with WinTabs for surfing the Web.
    -Dave Locke
  • I have your excellent WinTabs 1.3.1 running with opera 3.60. It sure makes opera sail along - WinTabs is now one of those indispensible programs that you don't know how you got along without before.
  • I would just like to congratulate you on your WinTabs product ... there are a lot small features and programs around on the net but this is the most useful I have seen in ages ... Using this takes all the frustration out of having multiple word documents open ...
    -Stephen Robins
  • Your WinTabs is an excellent utility. I have just installed it and cannot undervalue its simplicity and usability in the kind of work I am in (translations).
    -Mariusz Włoczysiak
  • I just tried WinTabs and I must say that it is a very cool and useful program. I use it with my web browser, Opera 3.60, and it makes it a lot easier to switch between open windows.
  • I just tried out WinTabs and I think it is an excellent idea! ... This might be a program I'll be buying!
    -Mike Muralt
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